In producing the service, Evogenom Oy is responsible for ensuring that the analysis and production processes comply with the European Union (EU) Personal Data Legislation. Your genetic data is not preserved or stored in perpetuity, but instead destroyed after you have received the analysis. In addition, the sample you have provided for analysis is destroyed after you have received the final analysis. Evogenom Oy does not give the genetic data to third parties outside the process. The saliva sample and genetic data is only used to produce genetic information for you.


Due to information security reasons, your genetic information is not processed on a computer that is connected to the Internet. Data about your genome is not available via or on the Internet, unless you for some reason specifically and explicitly request it e.g. to be delivered via the Internet.

If you have any questions you can send them to moc.m1539801381onego1539801381ve@of1539801381ni1539801381. We are happy to answer any questions you have related to our services. You are also always welcome to visit us at our offices.


How do your genetic factors affect your sleeping patters, stress levels and recovery? How different medicines affect you? Premium is an active person’s extensive genetic report on themselves. Our premium genetic test includes all basic information plus a personality analysis based on your DNA.


Evogenom - Pro genetic test is done with the help of your dedicated health professional: coach, personal trainer, nutritionist or doctor. Available only from selected partners.


Pro-report is further eludicated for you in consultation with a personal trainer, nutritional therapist or a doctor. Available only from resellers.