In the production of the service, Evogenom Oy is responsible for ensuring that the analysis and production processes comply with the European Union (EU) Personal Data Legislation. Your genetic data will not be stored. The sample you submit will be destroyed at the latest when the final analysis has been delivered to you. Third party partners will not have access to your genetic data. The saliva sample and genetic data is only used to produce genetic information for you.


In order to ensure your data security, your personal genetic data is never stored online and it is never handled on a computer which is connected to the internet.

If you have any questions you can send them to moc.m1534394536onego1534394536ve@of1534394536ni1534394536. We are happy to answer any questions you have related to our services. You are also always welcome to visit us at our offices.


How do your genes effect your circadian rhythm, your tolerance for stress and your diet? What does your pharmacogenomic profile look like? Ancestry information available as an additional product, ordered separately.


Laajin geenitestimme, joka on suunnattu erityisesti huippu-urheiluun. Sisältää kaikki geenitestien osa-alueet sekä lisäksi urheilijaprofiilin ja analyysisi raakadatan. Sukujuuret saatavilla erikseen tilattaessa.


Pro-report is further eludicated for you in consultation with a personal trainer, nutritional therapist or a doctor. Available only from resellers.