Evogenom Oy is a Finnish biotechnology company whose goal is to promote health and well-being through genetics. We are committed to provide a service which follows good ethical practices in all of our activities. We do not promote or comment on actions which may lead to discrimination or inequality in any of our activities. Our goal is to help everyone understand their genetics and know about their personal strengths and characteristics.


The customer’s genetic information includes information about exercise, diet, health, recovery, medication, ancestry and many other features. If you wish, we can also provide you information about your personal health risks. Our analysis is based on scientific research and there is a scientific reference for every part of the analysis. When reading your personal gene analysis, be aware that some parts of the analysis may upset you. But due to the nature of the analysis, this is unlikely. Also you must remember that in health-related information, this gene analysis is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a mapping of your genetic tendencies.


Researchers and their research institutions are solely responsible for the reliability and authenticity of the scientific research we base our analysis on.


The purpose of the service provided by Evogenom is to provide you with genetic information. In order to offer our service, we will provide you with a sample kit. The sample is easy to take and we will provide you with further instructions. You will give a simple saliva sample in our sterile test tube. After this you send your sample back to us in the return kit. The return postage has already been paid for. Sampling kit and instructions for sampling are delivered after you have completed the order (delivery takes on average 3-5 business days). Your final gene analysis will be delivered to you in the pre-confirmed schedule.



In producing the service, Evogenom Oy is responsible for ensuring that the analysis and production processes comply with the European Union (EU) Personal Data Legislation. Your analysis is destroyed after you have received it. In addition, the sample you have provided for analysis is destroyed after you have received the final analysis. The saliva sample is only used to produce genetic information for you.


We cherish confidentiality in all our operations. Due to information security reasons, your genetic information is not processed on a computer that is connected to the Internet. Data about your genome is not available via or on the Internet, unless you for some reason specifically and explicitly request it e.g. to be delivered via the Internet.


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If you have any questions you can send them to . We are happy to answer any questions you have related to our services. You are also always welcome to visit us at our offices.