What does the test tell you?

Our genetic test gives you fundamental information about yourself. Some examples of the content of our different tests can be found below:

Genetics and sports

Change your training program from generalized ones to a personalized one. Use your genetic strengths in building your own roadmap of sports, while being aware of your personal challenges on the way to your goal.

  • The effect of power training
  • The effect of endurance training
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Risk of sports injuries

Genetics and diet

Will you do better on a diet that has lots of carbs, or should you do better on a diet that has more protein and fat?

  • The effect of carbohydrates & fats
  • The sensation of taste
  • Appetite
  • Allergies
  • Cholesterol
  • Vitamin
  • The effects of coffee

Genes and health

Be aware of your hereditary attributes e.g. in drug metabolism

  • The differences in drug metabolism
  • Different health risks

Genetics and rest

Obtain information about your personal sleep requirement, circadian rhythm and personality. Plan your day with aid from your genes!

  • The required amount of sleep
  • The quality of sleep
  • Circadian rhythm
  • The effect of stress

Ancestry information

With the assistance of genetics you can trace the migrations of your ancestors around the globe. Please note: the results might surprise you!

  • Your haplotype
  • The geographical percentage of your genetic make-up

Fun facts

Your genes also carry some fun-to-know information, such as the need for deodorant, different sensitivities for different scents and the tendency to learn from errors.

  • Do you need deodorant?
  • Roses or root beer – which does your nose prefer?
  • Do you feel the urge to sneeze after looking at a bright light?
  • Among others!


How do your genes effect your circadian rhythm, your tolerance for stress and your diet? What does your pharmacogenomic profile look like? Ancestry information available as an additional product, ordered separately.


Laajin geenitestimme, joka on suunnattu erityisesti huippu-urheiluun. Sisältää kaikki geenitestien osa-alueet sekä lisäksi urheilijaprofiilin ja analyysisi raakadatan. Sukujuuret saatavilla erikseen tilattaessa.


Pro-report is further eludicated for you in consultation with a personal trainer, nutritional therapist or a doctor. Available only from resellers.