Evogenom Oy uses high-throughput or next generation sequencing technology. With the aid of this advanced method, we read through over 600 000 single nucleotide polymorphisms from your DNA and, depending on the product, analyze thousands of them in constructing your perosnal report.


We can also provide you with the raw data as an additional service with your order. You can use it in the future e.g. in conjunction with your health care provider.


How do your genetic factors affect your sleeping patters, stress levels and recovery? How different medicines affect you? Premium is an active person’s extensive genetic report on themselves. Our premium genetic test includes all basic information plus a personality analysis based on your DNA.


Evogenom - Pro genetic test is done with the help of your dedicated health professional: coach, personal trainer, nutritionist or doctor. Available only from selected partners.


Pro-report is further eludicated for you in consultation with a personal trainer, nutritional therapist or a doctor. Available only from resellers.