Evogenom Oy

Genetic Testing For Us All / Know Yourself

Evogenom Oy is a Finnish biotechnology company. We bring comprehensive and reliable genetic testing to everyone. Gene tests are an easy way to get new information about your heritage. We are based in Jyväskylä, Finland and we have the Finnish key flag company status.




Address: Ahlmaninkatu 2 E, 40100 Jyväskylä, (2. Floor, Mailbox 5)


Business ID: 2786426-3

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Contact us via the form below or by sending an e-mail to moc.m1532076004onego1532076004ve@of1532076004ni1532076004. You are also always welcome to visit our office. We are happy to respond to your questions as quickly as possible!


How do your genes effect your circadian rhythm, your tolerance for stress and your diet? What does your pharmacogenomic profile look like? Ancestry information available as an additional product, ordered separately.


Our most comprehensive test, directed especially towards excellence in sports. Contains all the content from different analysis categories and in addition your personal profile for sports.


Pro-report is further eludicated for you in consultation with a personal trainer, nutritional therapist or a doctor. Available only from resellers.